Beeches Child Care Shirwell

Beeches Childcare Shirwell

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A little about us...

Beeches Child Care - opened it's Childminding door's in 1994 and we are now celebrating our 24th year offering parents and carers,  TRIPPLE 'Ofsted Outstanding' care and learning for their children. 

My name is Lisa Carey and along with my highly qualified and experienced Co-Childminders Maxine White, Melanie Delve and Childminding Assistant's Mel Perryman and my husband Gary proudly operate our unique 'home based childcare service' from our family home in the village of Shirwell, Nr Barnstaple in North Devon.

We focus on providing children and their parents an Outstanding Child Care Service. We look forward to working closely with you as your child grows and develops. Beeches offers a personal care arrangement with very experienced staff not only in Childcare but also in Early Years Education, Paediatric First Aid, Health and Well being. We offer unique oppitiunites and experiences to learn and grow to their full potential. 

Key Workers role: 
From the day you carry your child in to possibly the day they walk out to start School - continuity of care between your little one and all our staff is priceless.

We shall never be a substitute for their parents but we like to think we come a possible close second as we have and could offer your family a service for possibly 7+ years or more.  

We are very happy to take children from 2 months thus promoting smaller child number's to adult ratio's (1 to 3) which in turn helps your little ones grow, develop and thrive. 

Providing for all ages...

Within our large family home, we offer Childcare placements for up to 12 children under the age of 8 years - 9 under the age of 5 years.

  • Please look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  We would much prefer to meet you personally to discuss your personal childcare needs. 

  • We do-not post our costs as we prefer to offer you/r family a personal childcare package.

  • Not able to drive !! Please don't worry we offer a Personal Collection Service please contact Lisa to discuss your personal needs.

  • We offer a very unique services unlike any other childcare provider in the local area.

Childcare Places are currently available  - 

Please contact Lisa as soon as possible to discuss 

your personal family requirements. 

 *  Please check back later for new updates to our 

    Website and Facebook page..  


Why Us?

  • Ofsted Inspection 19/10/2015 
Lisa, Maxine & Melanie all individually received an 'Ofsted Outstanding Grade' This is a fantastic achievement and recognition for all our hard work. 
A a first for Maxine.  A. second Outstanding for Lisa and a third for Melanie.

" We are probably the only setting in Devon to achieve this "

  • Celebrating 24 years personal experience in offering High Quality Childcare.

  • Adult to child Ratios of 1:3
  • We are NOT a Nursery... We think of ourselves as being able to offer a more flexible and personal childcare experience.

  • Your child is unique -  let's celebrate this and support them through their Early Years.

  • Personal development and                Observations recorded regularly

  • Termly Developmental Records.

  • Supporting 'Next Steps'        personalised to each child.

  • Weekly and Monthly planning -  not once a year !

  • Regular updates with parents including a termly setting discussion with their key worker.

  • We work closely with other settings if your child is in a 
               shared childcare setting.

  • We are highly regarded with local Health Visitors and warmly welcome them to observe your child within our setting - 2 Year Progress Check or other Healthcare issues.