Beeches Child Care Shirwell

Beeches Childcare Shirwell

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A little about us...

Why Us?

  • Ofsted Inspection 19/10/2015 
Lisa, Maxine & Melanie all individually received an 'Ofsted Outstanding Grade' This is a fantastic achievement and recognition for all our hard work. 
A a first for Maxine.  A. second Outstanding for Lisa and a third for Melanie.

" We are probably the only setting in Devon to achieve this "

  • Celebrating 25 years personal experience in offering High Quality Childcare.

  • Adult to child Ratios of 1:3
  • We are NOT a Nursery... We are able to offer a more flexible and personal childcare experience.

  • Your child is unique -  let's celebrate this and support them through their Early Years.

  • Personal development and                Observations recorded regularly

  • Termly Developmental Records.

  • Supporting 'Next Steps'        personalised to each child.

  • Weekly and Monthly planning -  not once a year !

  • Regular updates with parents including a termly setting discussion with their key worker.

  • We work closely with other settings if your child is in a 
               shared childcare setting.

  • We are highly regarded with local Health Visitors and warmly welcome them to observe your child within our setting - 2 Year Progress Check or other Healthcare issues.